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  • Ideal for Relaxation and Rejuvenation.
  • Helpful with Pain Management, Mobility and Sports Injuries.
  • Boosts Your Immune System and Improves Cardiovascular Health.
  • Promotes Fresher, Cleaner and Better Toned Skin.
  • Cleanses Your Body of Toxins.
  • Burns Fat & Calories.

A Safe, Natural, Proven Therapy

Far infra-red energy is the safest, most healing and beneficial part of the sun's light
spectrum. It is totally natural and is actually emitted by our own bodies (which we
use in healing therapies such as Reiki).

Oasis Therapy Saunas use the same soothing warmth that plants and our own
bodies thrive on and use this energy to create a deep sweat in total comfort, at a
reasonable temperature and without any stress or hard work.

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Enjoy Eight Therapies in One

  • Detox Therapy.
  • Cardiovascular and Immuno Therapy.
  • Derma Therapy.
  • Weight Loss Therapy.
  • Pain Relief and Mobility Therapy.
  • Sports Injury and Healing Therapy.
  • Stress and Relaxation Therapy.
  • Foot Therapy.
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Compare the Features and Quality

  • Carbon Fibre Heating Elements.
  • More Heaters.
  • Exclusive Fas Heater.
  • Air Purifier / Ioniser.
  • Stylish Contemporary Design.
  • Premium Strength & Build Quality.
  • Maximum Comfort and Privacy.
  • Maximum Safety.
  • Sauna Tech Electronic Control System.
  • 5 Year Warranty.
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Are Other Brands of Infra Red Saunas Safe and Legal?
Many brands of Infra Red Saunas are sold without meeting the strict guidelines required of every electrical item sold in Australia. If you;re shopping around, ask to see the certificate of Australian Electrical Approval. If they don't have one, don't buy the sauna!